The decision to hire counsel when facing misdemeanor or criminal charges is one that should not be taken lightly.  A few things to consider when hiring counsel are:  What are the charges?  Are they felony or misdemeanor?  What impact would a conviction have on your life?  In some misdemeanor cases, a defendant could be incarcerated for a term of six months up to one year.  In addition, the party could face fines ranging from five hundred dollars up to several thousand, as well as loss or suspension of driving privileges for a period of time.

In a felony matter, a defendant is faced with incarceration in the Montana State Prison or other correctional facility for a time ranging from one year, up to life for some offenses.  Additionally, a defendant could receive fines of up to $50,000 in some offenses.  A conviction for a felony offense can have long lasting impacts for the remainder of a defendant’s life, including probation, incarceration, fines and being barred from engaging in certain professions and even travel abroad.

If you find yourself, or someone you love staring down the barrel of an overreaching state or local government, do the smart thing, and contact us today.

Practice Areas:  Misdemeanor and Felony defense;  Early release from Supervision; Probation violations — Misdemeanor and Felony; DUI defense; Assaults; Drug Possession and Distribution; Possession of Marijuana; Negligent Vehicular Assault; Criminal Endangerment; Negligent Endangerment; Traffic Offenses and Juvenile Offenses.